No Fault & Lost Wage Reimbursement Payments

How much money are you entitled to for reimbursement of your lost wages after you’ve had a car accident in the Bronx? Reimbursement of lost wages is available from two sources. A separate application must be filed with New York State Disability and the No-Fault insurance company.

No-Fault Lost Wage Payments

The New York Mandatory Personal Injury Protection coverage provides a maximum lost wage payment of $2,000 per month from a combination of No-Fault payments and other sources, if available, such as New York State Disability; Worker’s Compensation; and Social Security Disability.  You can increase lost wage benefits by paying an additional premium.  A No-Fault application for lost wage wage benefits must be filed within 30 days of the date of your accident.

New York State No-Fault Regulation 68

New York State Disability Payments

The amount of New York State Disability benefit payments is calculated at 50% of the portion of your weekly salary not exceeding $170 per week. New York State Disability begins paying on the second week of your disability. Assuming that you are continuously unable to work, you are eligible to receive lost wage benefits from New York State Disability for up to 26 weeks. After the 26 week period, you are no longer eligible to receive lost wage benefits from New York State Disability but No-Fault lost wage benefits up to 80% of your gross wages are still available.