Will a dentist accept No-Fault for dental treatment needed because of a car accident?

Yes, we can get No-Fault to pay your dentist if you need dental treatment because of a car accident. If you cannot find a dentist willing to accept No-Fault, you will have to pay the dentist with your own money, possibly costing thousands of dollars, and submit the bill to No-Fault for reimbursement. Unfortunately, you will likely be reimbursed a small fraction of what you were charged.

Most lawyers are unable to find a dentist who will accept no fault. If you try on your own, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to find a dentist who will accept no-fault for dental treatment. However, we can find a dentist who will accept No-Fault for dental treatment including dental surgery, dental implants to replace teeth that were knocked out in a car accident, temporary teeth or dentures.

Dental injuries from a car accident are usually serious and need immediate treatment, so what can you do?

If you need treatment by a dentist for injuries from a car accident and we accept your case, we will arrange to get your dental treatment paid by no-fault at no charge.  We will also file your no-fault application; handle all of your no-fault billing problems; and represent you for your disability payments at no charge!  We only charge a one third fee of the money we collect for your pain and suffering at the end of your case.

You must file a No-Fault application within 30 days of the date of your car accident. It can sometimes be difficult and take time to determine the correct No-Fault insurance company, so don’t wait. Call now for a free consultation. Call Phil Franckel at 1-800-HURT-911