I represent people who have been injured in a Bronx car accident.

Attorney Phil Franckel offers Bronx car accident victims:

  • Free consultation with no obligation.
  • Personal service – Call me days/nights/weekends (No charge of course).
  • I fill out all forms for you including
    1. Insurance forms
    2. DMV accident form
    3. No-Fault application
    4. Expense reimbursement forms
    5. Claim forms and
    6. All other forms.
  • NO charge for legal representation with regard to
    1. Damage to your car
    2. No-Fault claim issues & handling
    3. Disability claims and
    4. Negotiating/reducing medical & health insurance liens (which can save you thousands of dollars).
  • No case expenses charged to you when settled before trial.
  • No legal fee unless I get money for you.
  • My legal fee is one third of your settlement and is at the end of the case paid from your settlement.

Call Phil Franckel right now for a free – no obligation consultation