Plastic Surgery

Will a plastic surgeon accept No-Fault when you are injured in a car accident?

If you have been injured in a car accident, we can get most plastic surgeons to accept payment from No-Fault for your plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery so you won’t have to pay up front!

Most lawyers are unable to find a plastic surgeon who will accept No-Fault. The unfortunate result is that you will have to pay thousands of dollars out of your own pocket only to find out later that No-Fault will reimburse you for maybe a third of that.  Worse, if you cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars, you may be left with a disfiguring scar, a crooked nose or some other serious disfigurement.

If you try on your own to find a plastic surgeon willing to accept no-fault, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to find one. However, we can find a plastic surgeon, including some of the best, who will accept No-Fault for any kind of plastic surgery treatment such as lacerations, scar revision, surgery for a broken nose, breast implant replacement or any other type of treatment for which you need a plastic surgeon.

The most common injuries from car accidents requiring plastic surgery include a fractured or broken nose, facial lacerations and even breast implant deflation caused by impact of the seat belt on the breast.

This photo shows a scar on a girl’s nose from a laceration caused by a car door when someone who was opening the door for her accidentally let it go and it stuck her in the face.  A plastic surgeon did scar revision surgery without my client paying any money up front or later.


Breast Implant Injury: When a driver or passenger is in a car accident, the seat belt pressing against the breast can cause a breast implant rupture.  Usually only one of the breast implants is ruptured but both should be replaced.  After the breast implant leaks, a woman will begin to notice that one of the breasts looks a little flatter or slightly deflated as compared to the other.

Although only one of the breast implants may develop a leak, we will make No-Fault insurance pay to replace both breast implants because breast implants come in matched sets and replacing only one may result in an unnatural look.  Additionally, your doctor may have concerns about the integrity of the breast implant which is not yet leaking.

This photo clearly shows the top of the right breast (left side of the photo) implant has leaked and looks deflated as compared to the other breast.  This was caused by the seat belt when her car was hit in the rear.  A plastic surgeon did surgery to replace the breast implant without my client paying any money up front or later.


If you need treatment by a plastic surgeon for injuries from a car accident anywhere in NY, we will arrange to get your plastic surgery treatment paid by no-fault at no charge!

We will also file your No-Fault claim; No-Fault application; and handle all of your No-Fault billing issues at no charge!  We only charge a one third  fee of the money we collect for you for your pain and suffering. 

A No-Fault application must be filed within 30 days of the date of your car accident and it can sometimes be difficult and take time to determine the correct No-Fault insurance company, so don’t wait. Call now for a free consultation. Call Phil Franckel at 1-800-HURT-911